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Employee Training

employee training


Give a man a fish

and you feed him

for a day.

Teach a man to fish

and you feed him

for a lifetime.

                                                  Chinese Proverb




When your employees are performing to the best of their ability, your organization thrives, too. Giving your employees the skills to reach their fullest potential is one of the best investments you can make in your most important asset...them!

Employee training enhances the health and safety of your employees, provides opportunities for career development and personal growth, facilitates compliance with laws and regulations, and improves productivity and profitability.


Strategic Advancement, Inc. offers a diverse range of training programs
for employees at every level of your organization.employee training

Business Presentation Skills • Executive Coaching • Communication Skills •Conflict Management • Cross-Selling Skills • Customer Service Skills • Dealing with Generational Differences • Delegation Skills • Human Resources for the Office Manager • HR for Professional Practices •Internal Consulting Skills

 •Interviewing Skills • Managing Contingent Workers • Managing Employee Performance Issues • Managing Motivation for Performance Managing Survivors of Downsizing • Meeting Management • Negotiation Skills • Persuasion Skills Preventing Harassment • Preventing Sexual Harassment • Project Management • Stress Management • Supervisory Skills • Team Building • Time Management • Violence in the Workplace

Your issue not listed here? No worries. We’ll custom design an employee training program that meets your needs. Contact Strategic Advancement today!